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Olympics Opening Ceremony Live Stream, London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Date, Online Feed

Olympics Opening Ceremony Live Stream, London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Date, Online Feed

The 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony will take place on the 27th July at the London Olympic Stadium. The Opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics will be called 'The Isles of Wonder’. Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle will be the artistic director for the opening ceremony.

It was confirmed in February that Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh will officially open the games at the opening ceremony. A short film starring Daniel Craig as secret agent James Bond will be screened during the television coverage of the ceremony. During the closing ceremony of the 2008 Olympics, the Olympic Flag was formally handed over from the Mayor of Beijing to the Mayor of London. This was followed by a section highlighting London, One month later, the Olympic and Paralympic flags were raised outside the London City Hall.

In June 2012, Boyle showcased the London Olympic opening ceremony preview, which promised a huge set of rural Britain consisting of "A village cricket team, 12 horses, 10 chickens, 70 sheep, a model of Glastonbury Tor, two mosh pits, and the largest harmonically tuned bell in the world" along with a real cloud that will rain. It is supposed to showcase the mystic landscape of Britain, both rural and urban. There would be mosh pit at each end of the set, with one having people celebrating a festival and another people at the last day of the prom. A replica of the Glastonbury Tor will adorn a side of the set with a huge bell. Boyle has promised an opening ceremony where everyone will feel involved, he also said "I hope it will reveal how peculiar and contrary we are – and how there's also, I hope, a warmth about us." The set would contain real grass, real soil and ploughs. The use of real animals has drawn criticism from PETA. Boyle wrote a reply to PETA assuring them of the genuine care of the animals.

A. R. Rahman, an Indian musician who worked with Boyle on the drama film Slumdog Millionaire (2008) and the biographical film 127 Hours (2010) – both directed by Boyle – said that he has composed a Punjabi song for the opening ceremony that would be a part of a medley, which would showcase Indian influence in the UK, according to Boyle's wishes. Another Indian musician, Ilaiyaraja's song from Tamil-language film Ram Lakshman (1981), has also been chosen as part of the medley.

A countdown clock in Trafalgar Square was unveiled, 500 days before the games. The same location hosted one of a number of events to mark a year before the games. Final countdown to the start of this year's summer games in London has begun with the ceremony of lighting of Olympic flame in Ancient Olympia in Greece. The official mascots for the 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games were unveiled on 19 May 2010; this marks the second time (after Vancouver) that both Olympic and Paralympic mascots were unveiled at the same time. Wenlock and Mandeville are animations depicting two drops of steel from a steelworks in Bolton. They are named Wenlock, after the Shropshire town of Much Wenlock, which held a forerunner of the current Olympic Games, and Mandeville, after Stoke Mandeville, a village in Buckinghamshire where a forerunner to the Paralympic Games were first held.

German Grand Prix 2012 Live Stream, Nürburgring Online Feed

German Grand Prix 2012 Live Stream, Nürburgring Online Feed

The German Grand Prix (Großer Preis von Deutschland) is an annual automobile race. Because Germany was banned from taking part in international events after World War II, the German GP only became part of the Formula One World Championship in 1951. It was designated the European Grand Prix four times between 1954 and 1974, when this title was an honorary designation given each year to one grand prix race in Europe. It has been organized by AvD (Automobile Club of Germany) since 1926.

The Nürburgring is a motorsport complex around the village of Nürburg, Germany. It features a modern Grand Prix race track built in 1984, and a much longer old North loop track which was built in the 1920s around the village and medieval castle of Nürburg in the Eifel mountains. It is located about 70 km (43 mi) south of Cologne, and 120 km (75 mi) northwest of Frankfurt. The old track was nicknamed The Green Hell by Jackie Stewart and is widely considered the toughest, most dangerous, and most demanding purpose-built racing circuit in the world.

One of the original purposes of the Nordschleife was as a test track for auto manufacturers, and its demanding layout had been traditionally used as a proving ground. Weekdays are often booked for socalled Industriefahrten for auto makers and the media. With the advent of the internet, awareness of the Nordschleife has risen in Germany and abroad, also in print media. In 1999, Porsche reported that their new 996 GT3 had lapped the Ring in under 8 minutes, and in subsequent years, manufacturers from overseas also showed up to test cars. Some high performance models are promoted with videotaped laps published on the web, and the claimed lap times are generating discussions. Few of these supercars are actually entered in racing where the claims could be backed up.

The Nordschleife was formerly known for its abundance of sharp crests, causing fast moving, firmly sprung racing cars to jump clear off the track surface at many locations. Although by no means the most fearsome, Flugplatz is perhaps the most aptly (although coincidentally) named and widely remembered. The name of this part of the track comes from a small airfield, which was located in the early years close to the track in this area. Chris Irwin's career was ended following a massive accident at Flugplatz, in a Ford 3L GT sports car in 1968. Manfred Winkelhock flipped his March F2 car at the same corner in 1980.

Lake Placid Ironman 2012 Live Stream, New York Triathlon Online

Lake Placid Ironman 2012 Live Stream, New York Triathlon Online

The Ironman event at Lake Placid is the second oldest Ironman in North America and one of the most popular events in the sport. A unique course with the transition and finish line located on the Olympic Speed skating Oval, a beautiful swim in Mirror Lake, a challenging bike through the Adirondacks, and an equally challenging run. Lake Placid is a village in the Adirondack Mountains in Essex County, New York, United States. As of the 2000 census, the village had a population of 2,638. The Village of Lake Placid is near the center of the Town of North Elba, 52 miles (84 km) southwest of Plattsburgh. Lake Placid, along with nearby Saranac Lake and Tupper Lake, comprise what is known as the Tri-Lakes region.

Lake Placid was founded in the early 19th century to develop a mining operation based on iron ore discovered nearby. By 1840, the population of "North Elba" (four miles southeast of the present village near where the road to the Adirondack Loj crosses the Ausable River) consisted of six families. In 1845, Gerrit Smith arrived in North Elba and not only bought a great deal of land around the village, but granted large tracts to former slaves, reforming the land law and reflecting his support of Abolitionism.

Lake Placid is best known as the two-time site of the Winter Olympics, in 1932 and 1980. In the United States, the village is especially remembered as the site of the 1980 USA–USSR hockey game the Miracle on Ice, when a group of American college students and amateurs upset the heavily favored Soviet national ice hockey team 4–3 and two days later won the gold medal. The victory is often ranked as the greatest in American sports history. It is also the site of the Olympic Oval, where Eric Heiden won his five Olympic gold medals.

Since 1999 it has been a site for the annual Ironman Triathlon, the second oldest Ironman in North America and one of only eight official Ironman Triathlons to be held in the continental U.S. Lake Placid is well known among winter-sports enthusiasts for its skiing, both Alpine and Nordic. Whiteface Mountain (4,867 ft/1,483 m), in nearby Wilmington about 13 miles (21 km) from Lake Placid, offers skiing, hiking, gondola rides, and mountain biking, and is the only one of the High Peaks that can be reached via an auto road. The area has one of only sixteen bobsled runs in the western hemisphere, and is one of the few places in the contiguous United States which offers dogsled and sleigh rides - see Lake Placid Sleigh Rides.

Ironman UK 2012 Live Stream Online, Bolton Triathlon Webcast

Ironman UK 2012 Live Stream Online, Bolton Triathlon Webcast

Returning to Bolton for the 3rd year, and with 50 Age Group qualifying slots for the 2011 World Championships in Kona Hawaii, IRONMAN UK continues to offer a world class event, in the heart of the beautiful North West Countryside. An Ironman Triathlon is one of a series of long-distance triathlon races organized by the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) consisting of a 2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25 km) bike and a marathon (26.2 miles 42.195 km) run, raced in that order and without a break. Most Ironman events have a strict time limit of 17 hours to complete the race, where the Ironman race starts at 7 AM, the mandatory swim cut off for the 2.4 mile swim is 2 hours 20 minutes, the bike cut off time is 5:30 PM, and all finishers must complete their marathon by midnight.

There have been a number of non-WTC "Ironman Distance" triathlons that have been held since the mid-1990s. The limited number of WTC-sanctioned events, and the limited number of entries available per race, have combined with a growth in the sport that has created demand for these non-trademarked events. Many of them share the 2.4-mile (3.9 km), 112-mile (180 km), 26.2-mile (42.2 km) format with Ironman. Originally, many used the Ironman name. Due to aggressive trademark protection, most of these races no longer use the word "Ironman". The largest of these include the Vineman Triathlon, Silverman Triathlon and Californiaman Triathlon.

The original Ironman is held in conditions which are uniquely punishing for endurance racing: the Hawaii water is warm enough that helpfully buoyant wetsuits are not allowed; though the cycling hills have only moderate gradients they are normally crossed by strong and gusting winds; and the marathon leg of the race is usually extremely hot. Other races under the WTC aegis have their own difficulties, characteristic of their setting and season. Anyone completing one of these races within the time limit, so long as it is the prescribed distance, is entitled to call themselves an Ironman (the term being gender-neutral). At one time there was no cut-off time, then a 15 hour time limit. For these events the normal time limit is now 17 hours. Some iron distance races (not sanctioned by the WTC corporation, but using the same standard distances) have different cut-off times.

Leeds Party in the Park 2012 Live Stream, Temple Newsam Online Feed

Leeds Party in the Park 2012 Live Stream, Temple Newsam Online Feed

Party in the Park is the generic name given to music concerts organised by various radio stations and local authorities in England and Wales, typically in large parks during the summer. Leeds Party in the Park takes place on Temple Newsam Estate by Leeds City Council and 96.3 Radio Aire each year the day after Opera in the Park.

2012 Lineup includes:

Alexandra Burke
Alyssa Reid
Cover Drive
Little Mix
One Direction
Professor Green
Taio Cruz
Wretch 32

Temple Newsam is a Tudor-Jacobean house with grounds landscaped by Capability Brown, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. The estate lies to the east of the city, just south of Halton Moor, Halton, Whitkirk and Colton. The house and estate are owned by Leeds City Council and open to the public. The estate is made up of much woodland, (the second largest part of the Forest of Leeds) many areas of which join on to the surrounding estates of Leeds. There are facilities for sports including football, golf, running, cycling, horse-riding and orienteering. There is also a park for children to go and enjoy themselves in. Colton Juniors Football Teams play on the football pitches surrounding the house.

The house has recently undergone substantial restoration to its exterior. There is an established programme of restoring rooms back to known previous configurations, reversing the numerous intrusive installations and modifications that took place during the building's "art museum" phase. There are substantial holdings of fine and decorative art which are Designated by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) as being of national significance. Temple Newsam House is one of Leeds Museums and Galleries sites, and has an international reputation for scholarship and research, unusual in a local authority museum service. Mark Fisher's (a former DCMS minister) book "Britain's Best Museums and Galleries" gives this museum an excellent review. When interviewed on Melvyn Bragg's Front Row, Radio 4, November 2004 Mr. Fisher placed Temple Newsam House in the top three non-national museums in the country, along with Birmingham's Barber Institute and the Dulwich Picture Gallery.

Party in the Park and Opera in the Park are annual free concerts organised by Leeds City Council, which have respectively accommodated 70,000 and 50,000 patrons. Both have been held in July on the site since 1994. They take place in the grassed area which slopes down from the front of the house.

Monegros Desert Festival 2012 Live Stream, Music Fest Online

Monegros Desert Festival 2012 Live Stream, Music Fest Online

The Monegros Desert Festival is a festival of electronic music that takes place in Spain in the region of the Monegros between the towns of Candasnos and Fraga. There are concerts and sessions in the techno , hip-hop , drum and bass. The festival began as a meeting of the patrons of the club Florida 135 , was first held in 1994 and today has become one of the most important events of European electronic culture. With an influx in recent editions of 40,000 people, it is an event that affects the whole area, as cities such as Lleida , Zaragoza and Huesca and the surrounding villages of the estate of the festival, see their hotel rooms benefit from being full for the days of the festival.

Los Monegros is a comarca in Aragon, Spain. It is located within the provinces of Zaragoza and Huesca. The area is prone to chronic droughts, and much of the area is badlands. Los Monegros borders seven comarcas: Hoya de Huesca to the North; Somontano de Barbastro, Cinca Medio, and Bajo Cinca to the East; Zaragoza to the West; and Ribera Baja del Ebro and Bajo Aragón-Caspe to the South.

The Sierra de Alcubierre mountain chain crosses the comarca from Northwest to Southeast. Its maximum elevation is 822 meters, at the mountain called Oscuro. The climate is semiarid, with scarce rainfall and high temperatures in the autumn. The area has numerous saltwater and freshwater lakes, including the Lake of Sariñena and the Lake of la Playa. The area's cultural heritage includes several historical monasteries, including the Monasterio de Santa María de Sigena and the Charterhouse of Las Fuentes.

In December 2007, the local government announced that the comarca had been chosen for the site of the Gran Scala, a huge European project to build a "destination city of leisure for all ages." Designed to include numerous theme parks and casinos, the area would become one of the primary entertainment centers of Europe.

Wickerman 2012 Live Stream, Dundrennan Music Festival Online

Wickerman 2012 Live Stream, Dundrennan Music Festival Online

The Wickerman Festival is an annual music festival held near to Dundrennan in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. Dubbed 'Scotland's Alternative Music festival', the festival will celebrate its 10th Birthday in 2011 on Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd July.

It began in 2001 when the festivals artistic director Sid Ambrose, whilst working with the Stewartry Music Initiative, hit upon the idea of a local counter-culture based family-friendly festival due to the surrounding area being inextricably linked with various locations used within the classic British horror film 'The Wicker Man' (1973) starring Christopher Lee and Edward Woodward. He took the idea to local farmer Jamie Gilroy, and by doing this, they ensured that the festival would eventually settle within a natural amphitheatre of 120 acres (0.49 km2) of prime Galloway grazing land at East Kirkcarswell Farm, Dundrennan.

Musically as well as creatively, the festival has been likened to a smaller version of Glastonbury with a widely eclectic mix of music to suit everyone. It has several stages and these include a main stage (Summerisle), the Axis Sound System reggae sound systemtent, the Acoustic Village, a stage for punk/ska/northern soul called The Scooter Tent, The Solus Tent for new Scottish bands, several dance tents, as well as a children’s area, workshops, beer tent, crafts, a cinema, and much more. The 2010 event saw Ocean Colour Scene play the Saturday night headline slot before the ceremonial and spectacular burning of the Wickerman, the 808 State DJ's then rounded off the main stage proceedings. On Friday night the Summerisle stage hosted Teenage Fanclub before a storming set from headliners The Charlatans.

Buzzcocks, The Futureheads, Tony Christie, Goldie Lookin' Chain, The Undertones, The Go! Team, Withered Hand, The Saw Doctors, Fenech Soler, Erland and the Carnival, The Saw Doctors, Sons & Daughters, The Grass Mountain Hobos, Back To The Planet, The Sex Pistols Experience, Ed Tudor Pole, The Amphetameanies & Root System all also appeared on various stages over the weekend.

Rockfest 2012 Live Stream, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Def Leppard Webcast Feed

Rockfest 2012 Live Stream, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Def Leppard Webcast Feed

Rock Fest is an annual four-day rock music festival located near the town of Cadott, Wisconsin. The festival site hosts two large camping areas for tents and RVs as well as a single concert area for shows, concessions, and beer tents. Rock Fest has been held annually since 1994. Rock Fest is advertised as one of the premier outdoor rock music festivals in the Midwest (see line up below). It's usually held in the final weeks of July. There are four beer pavilions that have live music performing in between main stage acts and until 2:00am each day/night of the fest. Rock Fest also has a picture taking line that allows the fans to get up to the front of the stage.

2012 Lineup:

Iron Maiden
Alice Cooper
Def Leppard
Black Stone Cherry
Art of Dying
Five Finger Death Punch
Hollywood Undead
Ten Years
Big Deeks
Life Tragic
Papa Roach
Adelitas Way
Sebastian Bach
Lita Ford

Cadott is a village in Chippewa County in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. The population was 1,345 at the 2000 census. Originally named "Cadotte Falls", It was founded in 1875 by Robert Marriner a Pinoeer Enterpriser. Marriner named it after Jean Baptiste Cadotte, son of French Canadian fur trader Michel Cadotte in the Madeline Island area. Cadotte established a trading post on the Yellow River north of Cadott.

The town of Cadott hosts two annual music festivals known as Country Fest and Rock Fest, which have been a part of the Cadott community since 1988. The camping and concert area is located roughly eight miles outside of town. Both music festivals attract fans nationwide and include some of the top singers and bands from each genre. As a result, the events have a significant impact on the local economy.

All Good Festival 2012 Live Stream, Legend Valley Thornville Online Feed

All Good Festival 2012 Live Stream, Legend Valley Thornville Online Feed

The All Good Music Festival and Camp Out is a weekend-long event held annually in July. Since its inception in 1997, it has has been held at venues along the Mid-Atlantic, including Masontown, WV and locations in Maryland and Virginia. The event is organized by Walther Productions and includes mostly jam and folk acts, though the festival has expanded its musical repertoire to include reggae, hip-hop fusion, bluegrass, funk and rock. The 16th Annual festival will be held July 2012 in Legend Valley, Thornville, Ohio. The lineup has included artists such as Sound Tribe Sector 9, Furthur, Derek Trucks, Railroad Earth, Keller Williams, The Flaming Lips, Phil Lesh and Friends, Widespread Panic, Umphrey's McGee, The String Cheese Incident, Les Claypool, Ratdog, Moe., Lotus, Bassnectar, Old Crow Medicine Show, The New Deal, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Yonder Mountain String Band, Robert Randolph, Dark Star Orchestra, and Leftover Salmon.

There are usually three stages at the festival: the main stage, flanked by a smaller stage, and the Grassroots stage located by Shakedown Street. Usually, the two main stages in the concert area operate with no overlapping sets, allowing festival-goers the unique opportunity to see all of the music scheduled at the festival. Because the location of the main stage is at the bottom of a hill, a natural amphitheater is created in which the music from the stage is projected to the maximum amount of listeners sitting on the hill, with the mountains of West Virginia as the backdrop. The Even Better VIP camping section is located at the top of this hill.
Marvin's Mountaintop has been the site for the annual All Good Music Festival since 2003. It is located 12 miles east of Morgantown, West V in the small town of Masontown, West Virginia. Masontown is a town in Preston County, West Virginia, United States. The population was 647 at the 2000 census.

Ramadan 2012 Live Stream, Dates, Mecca Kaaba Grand Holy Mosque Online Cam Feed

Ramadan 2012 Live Stream, Dates, Mecca Kaaba Grand Holy Mosque Online Cam Feed

Ramadan (also Ramadhan, Ramadaan , Ramazan ) is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is the Islamic month of fasting, in which participating Muslims refrain from eating, drinking and sexual relations from dawn until sunset. Fasting is intended to teach Muslims about patience, humility, and spirituality. It is a time for Muslims to fast for the sake of God and to offer more prayer than usual. During Ramadan, Muslims ask forgiveness for past sins, pray for guidance and help in refraining from everyday evils, and try to purify themselves through self-restraint and good deeds. As compared to the solar calendar, the dates of Ramadan vary, moving backwards about eleven days each year depending on the moon. Muslims believe Ramadan to be an auspicious month for the revelations of God to humankind, being the month in which the first verses of the Qur'an were revealed to the Islamic prophet, Muhammad.

The name "Ramadan" had been the name of the ninth month in Arabian culture long before the arrival of Islam; the word itself derived from an Arabic root rm, as in words like denoting intense heat, scorched ground and shortness of rations. In the Qur'an, God proclaims that "fasting has been written down (as obligatory) upon you, as it was upon those before you". According to the earliest hadith, this refers to the Jewish practice of fasting on Yom Kippur.

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ESPY Awards 2012 with guest appearances from Justin Timberlake, Lance Armstrong & Seth Meyers

Event: ESPY Awards 2012
When: 11 Jul 2012
Where: Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles

Hosting this year's show is actor/comedian Rob Riggle and to celebrate the 20th annual ESPYs, special guest appearances on awards night will feature several former hosts from past presentations such as Lance Armstrong, Justin Timberlake, Samuel Jackson and Seth Meyers.

Already announced as winner of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the 2012 ESPYS is former Tennessee women's basketball coach Pat Summitt, who coached her team last season despite being diagnosed last summer with early Alzheimer's disease.

An ESPY Award (short for Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award) is an accolade presented by the American cable television network ESPN to recognize individual and team athletic achievement and other sports-related performance during the calendar year preceding a given annual ceremony.

From their inception to 2004, ESPY Award winners were chosen only through voting by fans. Since 2004, sportswriters, broadcasters, sports executives, and sportspersons, collectively experts; or ESPN personalities also vote. Award winners have been selected thereafter exclusively through online fan balloting conducted from amongst candidates selected by the ESPY Select Nominating Committee.

Identity Festival 2012 with Eric Prydz, Paul Van Dyk, Hardwell, Wolfgang Gartner & Showtek

Event: Identity Festival 2012
When: 17 July – 19 August 2012
Where: USA Tour

Dates, Venues and Line Up for US Tour of Identity Festival 2012:

19 July 2012 at Riverbend Music Center,  Cincinatti OH
Eric Prydz, Nero-DJ set, Excision, Madeon, Arty, Showtek, Bingo Players, Le Castle Vania, Audrey Napoleon, Stephan Jacobs

20 Jul 2012 at Elektricity Festival Grounds, Detroit MI
Eric Prydz, Nero-DJ set, Excision, Madeon, Arty, Showtek, Bingo Players, Le Castle Vania, Audrey Napoleon, Stephan Jacobs

21 July 2012 at Echo Beach Powered by Rogers, Toronto ON
Eric Prydz, Nero-DJ set, Excision, Madeon, Arty, Showtek, Bingo Players, Le Castle Vania, Audrey Napoleon

26 July 2012 at Comcast Center, Mansfield MA
Eric Prydz, Wolfgang Gartner, Excision, Madeon, Showtek, Noisia, Arty, Le Castle Vania, Audrey Napoleon, Stephan Jacobs

27 July 2012 at Jiffy Lube Live, Bristow VA
Eric Prydz, Wolfgang Gartner, Excision, Madeon, Showtek, Datsik, Noisia,
Arty, Le Castle Vania, Audrey Napoleon, Stephan Jacobs

28 July 2012 at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh NY
Lineup coming soon

29 July 2012 at Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia PA
Eric Prydz, Excision, Madeon, Showtek, Noisia, Arty, Le Castle Vania, Audrey Napoleon, Stephan Jacobs

2 August 2012 at Aaron’s Amphitheatre At Lakewood, Atlanta GA
Eric Prydz, Wolfgang Gartner, Madeon, Showtek, Noisia, Doctor P, Le Castle Vania, Audrey Napoleon, Stephan Jacobs

3 August 2012 at 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre, Tampa FL
Eric Prydz, Wolfgang Gartner, Excision, Showtek, Arty, Noisia, Doctor P,
Le Castle Vania, Audrey Napoleon, Stephan Jacobs

4 August 2012 at Klipsch Amphitheater at Bayfront Park, Miami FL
Eric Prydz, Wolfgang Gartner, Excision, Porter Robinson, Madeon, Showtek, Noisia,
Doctor P, Arty, Le Castle Vania, Audrey Napoleon, Stephan Jacobs

10 August 2012 at Gexa Energy Pavillion, Dallas TX
Eric Prydz, Wolfgang Gartner, Nero-DJ set, Hardwell, Showtek, Doctor P, Arty,
Le Castle Vania, Audrey Napoleon, Stephan Jacobs

11 August 2012 at Cynthai Woods Mitchell Pavillion, Houston TX
Eric Prydz, Wolfgang Gartner, Nero-DJ set, Hardwell, Showtek, Doctor P, Arty,
Le Castle Vania, Audrey Napoleon, Stephan Jacobs

17 August 2012 at Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View CA
Eric Prydz, Excision, Paul Van Dyk, Hardwell, Bingo Players, Showtek, Noisia, Doctor P, Arty, Le Castle Vania, Audrey Napoleon, Stephan Jacobs

18 August 2012 at Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, San Diego CA
Eric Prydz, Excision, Porter Robinson, Paul Van Dyk, Hardwell, Bingo Players, Showtek, Noisia, Doctor P, Arty, Le Castle Vania, Audrey Napoleon, Stephan Jacobs

19 August 2012 at Ashley Furniture Homestore Pavillion, Phoenix AZ
Eric Prydz, Excision, Paul Van Dyk, Hardwell, Showtek, Noisia, Doctor P, Arty, Le Castle Vania, Audrey Napoleon, Stephan Jacobs

This summer will mark the debut of IDENTITY, the first-ever touring electronic ONLY music festival that will visit major outdoor amphitheatres throughout the US in August and September and give fans the full electronic music experience. Approximately 20 shows are on tap for this exciting new traveling extravaganza with top-tier artists performing on multiple stages starting in the afternoon and into the night. 

Camp Bisco 2012 with Bassnectar, Skrillex, The Disco Biscuits & Crystal Castles

Event: Camp Bisco 2012
When: 12 July 2012
Where: Indian Lookout Country Club, Mariaville NY

The Line-Up for Camp Bisco 2012 includes:

The Disco Biscuits
Amon Tobin Isam
Crystal Castles
Big Boi
Shpongle presents The Masquerade
Simian mobile disco (dj set)
Dada Life
Zeds Dead
Porter Robinson
Portugal. The man
Big Gigantic
Bonobo (dj set)
Holy Fuck
Mord Fustang
Break science with Chali 2NA
Kill the noise
Star Slinger
Nit Grit
Brothers Past
El Ten Eleven
Alvin Risk
The M Machine
Eliot Lipp Live
Mansions on the moon
Future rock
The Knocks
Lance Herbstrong
Mux Mool
Orchard Lounge
Virtual Boy
Nick Catchdubs
Star Eyes
The Nadis warriors
Paul Chambers
Inspired flight
Alpha Data
Kung Fu
Manhattan project
Rich Aucoin
Spiritual Rez
Bird of prey

Camp Bisco is an outdoor music festival held at the beautiful Indian Lookout Country Club, a world-class property located near Albany, NY. Camp Bisco is a 3-day rain-or-shine event with camping. Attendees may arrive beginning Thursday morning, July 12, 2012. Camp Bisco 11 will feature 3 days and nights of music on 5 stages, including 2 side-by-side MAIN STAGES, 2 DANCE TENTS featuring top international Dance acts as well as a SILENT DISCO and an UP & COMING stage. This event is not to be missed!

FIB 2012 Live Stream, Benicassim International Festival Online Feed

FIB 2012 Live Stream, Benicassim International Festival Online Feed

The Festival Internacional de Benicàssim, or Benicàssim International Festival, commonly abbreviated as FIB is an annual music festival which takes place in the village of Benicàssim, province of Castelló, Valencian Community in Spain. It focuses mainly on pop, rock and electronica artists, as well as having other elements besides music like short films, theatre, fashion and art. The festival has been noted for being beside a summer resort of artificial beaches, and having bands play later in the day (5pm - 8am) than most festivals. The event is considered a true celebration of freedom and the application of any restrictive and coercive measures is suspended during its celebration.

The first 'FIB' took place in 1995, and since then Benicàssim has been dedicated to rock, pop and electronic music as well as featuring artists who are a reference on the world stage. 'FIB' is held in the seaside resort of Benicassim (Castellón province) on Costa del Azahar, Valencia, Spain, 92.2 km away from Valencia Airport. Festival goers who have purchased multi-day passes can camp for up to 9 days starting Monday before the festival starts and ending Tuesday after the festival has ended. Since the first festival in 1995, some of the most notable artists who have played the festival include Paul Weller, Depeche Mode, Beck, Radiohead, Kraftwerk, The Stone Roses, Brian Wilson, Blur, Lou Reed, Oasis, The Chemical Brothers, Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, Morrissey, Sigur Rós, Ride and The Strokes.

Line-Up for Benicàssim Festival 2012 includes:

Thursday 12 July 2012
Florence and the Machine
At the Drive In
The Horrors
Pony Bravo
Los Tiki Phantoms
De La Soul
Bat for Lashes
Dave Clarke
Kurt Vile and the Violators
Lisa Hannigan
Chin Yi
Arveene & Misk

Friday 13 July 2012

Bob Dylan
Bombay Bicylce Club
Chase & Status
The Maccabees
Miles Kane
Katy B
Little Dragon
Jero Romero
Oscar Mulero
La Habitacion Roja
Klaus & Kinski
ARP Attack
Viktor Flores
Django Django
Zola Jesus
Timber Timbre
Joe Crepusculo
Virginia Diaz
Los Hermanos Pizarro
Sons Phonetic

Saturday 14 July 2012
The Stone Roses
Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
Crystal Castles
Jessie J
School of Seven Bells
Dizzee Rascal
Maverick Sabre
Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3
Shit Robot
Department S
Damian Schwartz
Fujiya & Miyagi
The New Raemon
Ham Sandwich
Blanca DB
Don Gonzola
Kidd Ross

Sunday 15 July 2012
New Order
David Guetta
Ed Sheeran
The Vaccines
The Secret Society
La Casa Azul
Little Boots
Agoria presents Forms
Stevie Jackson
Maya Jane Coles
The Crookes
Juanita Y Los Feos
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinasaurs
The Antlers
Todd Terje
Aldo Linares
Thee Brandy Hips
Two Pias DJ’s
Kauf Vintage DJ

Ironman Switzerland 2012 Live Stream, Zurich Triathlon Online Webcast Feed

Ironman Switzerland 2012 Live Stream, Zurich Triathlon Online Webcast Feed

The Ironman Switzerland is an event held every July since 1997. A Triathlon sports event over the Ironman distance (3.86 mile swim, 180.2 km cycling, 42,195 mile run) in Switzerland. The event is held in and around the town of Zurich. The swimming stage over 3.86 km runs in Lake Zurich, starting and finishing at the Landiwiese. The bike course is a course of 180.2 km over two laps between Lake Zurich and Greifensee height of 630 meters per lap and a spectacular increase for spectators on Heartbreak Hill in Kilchberg. The running course on the marathon distance runs over four rounds along the western and northern shores of the lake to Bubikon. Start and finish is again on the Landiwiese.

Lake Zurich is a lake in Switzerland, extending southeast of the town of Zurich. It is also known as Lake Zürich and Lake of Zürich. Zürichsee is strictly the name of the part of the lake downstream of the dam at Rapperswil, mostly located within the canton of Zurich. The part upstream of the Rapperswil dam is called Obersee, and is shared between the cantons of St. Gallen and Schwyz. Geographically, Lake Zurich is located in the southwestern part of the canton of Zurich. To the east are – separated by Zürichberg-Adlisberg, Forch and Pfannenstiel – two minor lakes: Greifensee (Lake Greifen) and Pfäffikersee (Lake Pfäffikon). To the west Zimmerberg and Etzel region is located.

Lake Zurich is formed by the river Linth, which, rising in the glaciers of the Tödi Range in Glarus, which was diverted by the Escher canal (completed in 1811) into the Lake Walen, there by means of the Linth canal (completed in 1816), its waters are carried to the east end of the Lake of Zurich. The waters of the Lake of Zurich outflow from the lake at its north-west end, passing through the city of Zurich, however the outflow is then called the Limmat. The three population and transportation centres are Zurich, Pfäffikon SZ and Rapperswil. Besides Bürkliplatz in Zurich and the Seedamm, there are no bridges across the lake.

Billabong Pro J-Bay 2012 Live Stream, Jeffrey's Bay Surfing Online Cam

Billabong Pro J-Bay 2012 Live Stream, Jeffrey's Bay Surfing Online Cam

Billabong Pro Jeffreys Bay is an event on the ASP World Surfing Tour. The event is held every year at Jeffreys Bay in Eastern Cape, South Africa. Inaugural winner Kelly Slater has the most victories with 4. The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) is the governing body for professional surfers and is dedicated to showcasing the world’s best talent in a variety of progressive formats. The ASP World Tour is the men's elite competition consisting of the best 36 professional surfers competing in 11 events.

Jeffreys Bay (Afrikaans: Jeffreysbaai, also known as J-bay) is a town located in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. The town is situated just off the N2 Highway, about an hour's drive southwest of Port Elizabeth. Jeffreys Bay is named after the senior partner of the firm Jeffrey & Glendinnings that opened a store in 1849 on the location where the town is today. Jeffrey is believed to be the first person to have settled there. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Jeffreys Bay was known as a hippie hangout, where the now-burgeoning surf community originated. Jeffreys Bay has grown from a sleepy little fishing town over the past few years and is one of the fastest expanding urban areas in the country.

Jeffreys Bay is one of the five most famous surfing destinations in the world and hosts the annual Billabong Pro ASP World Tour surfing event at Supertubes during July. Spectators and surfers from all over the world flock to this event, which can be viewed live over the internet and various television channels. A very long, fast, tubing right hand point break breaks along the west side of the bay. The break is regarded as one of the best right hand point breaks in the entire world, in both consistency and quality, in season. It has been divided up into several sections, including, from the top of the point, Kitchen Windows, Magna tubes, Boneyards, Supertubes, Impossibles, Tubes, the Point, and Albatross. "Supertubes", which itself breaks for about 300m or more, is regarded as the best part of the wave. On rare occasions (large wave sizes, wide-breaking waves, and even swells), Boneyards can link up all the way to the Point for a ride over one kilometer long. Optimal size is considered to be from about 4 to 10 feet (Hawaiian scale), or about 8 to 20 feet wave faces. The most consistent waves occur between about May to mid September, also often coinciding with offshore winds, although good waves can occasionally occur at other times of the year.

British Grand Prix 2012 Live Stream, Silverstone F1 Online Feed

British Grand Prix 2012 Live Stream, Silverstone F1 Online Feed

The British Grand Prix is a race in the calendar of the FIA Formula One World Championship. It is currently held at the Silverstone Circuit near the village of Silverstone in Northamptonshire. The British and Italian Grands Prix are the oldest continuously staged Formula One World Championship Grands Prix. Grand Prix motor racing was first established in Britain by Henry Segrave at Brooklands in 1926 after his winning of the 1923 French Grand Prix and the San Sebastián Grand Prix the following year, which raised interest in the sport. The first ever British Grand Prix was won by the French team of Louis Wagner and Robert Sénéchal driving a Delage 155B. The second British Grand Prix was held at Brooklands in 1927. It was designated the European Grand Prix five times between 1950 and 1977, when this title was an honorary designation given each year to one grand prix race in Europe.

Silverstone has hosted the race regularly since the start of the F1 championship in 1950 (in which it was the first race of the first ever official World Championship) and every year since 1987; it alternated with Brands Hatch between 1964 and 1986, and with Aintree (better known as a horse-racing course) between 1955 and 1962. Silverstone Circuit is an English motor racing circuit next to the Northamptonshire villages of Silverstone and Whittlebury. The circuit straddles the Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire border, with the current main circuit entry on the Buckinghamshire side. The Northamptonshire towns of Towcester (5 miles) and Brackley (7 miles) and Buckinghamshire town of Buckingham (6 miles) are close by, and the nearest large towns are Northampton and Milton Keynes.

It is best known as the home of the British Grand Prix, which it first hosted in 1948 and which has been held on the circuit every year since 1987. The circuit is also home to the BRDC International Trophy, formerly one of the premier non-Championship F1 races in the calendar, today awarded to the winner of a race for historic F1 cars at the annual Silverstone Classic meeting. The circuit is owned by the British Racing Drivers' Club. Silverstone is the current home of the British Grand Prix, which it first hosted in 1948. The 1950 British Grand Prix at Silverstone was the first race in the newly-created Formula One World Championship. The race rotated between Silverstone, Aintree and Brands Hatch from 1955 to 1986, but relocated permanently to Silverstone in 1987.

Historically Silverstone has suffered traffic congestion on race days. This problem has been largely eliminated with the completion of the A43 Silverstone bypass, a dual-carriageway road just to the north of the circuit. When the race was moved to an April date in 2000, rainy conditions turned the fields used for car parking into mud baths, causing chaos for spectators trying to park. On F1 race day a large number of spectators travel to the circuit by helicopter: enough to make Silverstone Heliport the busiest airport in the UK for this day.

Frankfurt Ironman 2012 Live Stream, European Championship Triathlon Online

Frankfurt Ironman 2012 Live Stream, European Championship Triathlon Online
In the Ironman world circuit, it is widely acknowledged that after the Ford Ironman World Championship, the next most prestigious title an athlete can claim is the Frankfurter Sparkasse Ironman European Championship. The event is sponsored by Frankfurter Sparkasse is one of the largest savings banks in Germany. It belongs to Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen and has its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. Frankfurt am Main, commonly known simply as Frankfurt, is the largest city in the German state of Hesse and the fifth-largest city in Germany, with a 2009 population of 672,000. The urban area had an estimated population of 2,295,000 in 2010. The city is at the centre of the larger Frankfurt/Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region which has a population of 5,600,000 and is Germany's second largest metropolitan area.

Situated on the Main River, Frankfurt is the financial and transportation centre of Germany and the largest financial centre in continental Europe. It is seat of the European Central Bank, the German Federal Bank, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the Frankfurt Trade Fair, as well as several large commercial banks. Frankfurt Airport is one of the world's busiest international airports, Frankfurt Central Station is one of the largest terminal stations in Europe.

An Ironman Triathlon is one of a series of long-distance triathlon races organized by the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) consisting of a 2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25 km) bike and a marathon (26.2 miles 42.195 km) run, raced in that order and without a break. Most Ironman events have a strict time limit of 17 hours to complete the race, where the Ironman race starts at 7 AM, the mandatory swim cut off for the 2.4 mile swim is 2 hours 20 minutes, the bike cut off time is 5:30 PM, and all finishers must complete their marathon by midnight.

The name "Ironman Triathlon" refers to both the original Ironman triathlon and the annual Ironman World Championship. Also called Ironman Hawaii, the world championships of the event, held annually in Hawaii since 1978 (with an additional race in 1982), are now preceded by a series of qualifying events. Ironman Triathlon became known for its grueling length, harsh race conditions, and television coverage.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

4th July Fireworks 2012 Live Streaming, US Independence Day Parade, Fireworks Live Stream

4th July Fireworks 2012 Live Streaming, US Independence Day Parade, Fireworks Live Stream

Watch Live streaming US Independence Day 2012 fireworks displays across America, with live webcam streams of displays in NYC, San Francisco, Miami, Pensacola, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, San Diego, Honolulu, Huntington Beach and more.

Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is one of the biggest public holidays in the US, bringing the public out to watch parades and fireworks displays across the nation. These live feeds are at many of the biggest and most spectacular fireworks displays across the country.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Wireless Festival 2012 Live Stream, Hyde Park Lineup, Online Feed

Wireless Festival 2012 Live Stream, Hyde Park Lineup, Online Feed

The Wireless Festival is a music festival in England that takes place every year in Hyde Park, London, and took place at Harewood House, Leeds in 2006 and 2007. It is owned and managed by Live Nation. From its inception in 2005 until 2008, the festival was sponsored by telecommunications company O2, and was called the O2 Wireless Festival. Since 2009 the main sponsor has been Barclaycard and the festival renamed to simply Wireless Festival. The 2011 Wireless Festival will be held from Friday 1 July to Sunday 3 July 2011. Tickets are £48.50 (Saturday/Sunday) or £49.50 (Friday) for one day, £92 for two and £130 for three days. Pulp are reforming after ten years to play this and other festivals in 2011.

Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in central London, United Kingdom and one of the Royal Parks of London, famous for its Speakers' Corner. The park is divided in two by the Serpentine. The park is contiguous with Kensington Gardens; although often still assumed to be part of Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens has been technically separate since 1728, when Queen Caroline made a division between the two. Hyde Park covers 142 hectares (350 acres) and Kensington Gardens covers 111 hectares (275 acres), giving an overall area of 253 hectares (625 acres), making the combined area larger than the Principality of Monaco (196 ha/484 acres), though smaller than New York City's Central Park (341 ha/843 acres). To the southeast, outside of the park, is Hyde Park Corner. Although, during daylight, the two parks merge seamlessly into each other, Kensington Gardens closes at dusk but Hyde Park remains open throughout the year from 5 am until midnight.

Sites of interest in the park include Speakers' Corner (located in the northeast corner near Marble Arch), close to the former site of the Tyburn gallows, and Rotten Row, which is the northern boundary of the site of the Crystal Palace. South of the Serpentine is the Diana, Princess of Wales memorial, an oval stone ring fountain opened on 6 July 2004. To the east of the Serpentine, just beyond the dam, is London's Holocaust Memorial. Another memorial in the Park commemorates the victims of the 7/7 terrorist attacks, in the form of 52 steel pillars, one for each of the dead. Hyde Park has been the venue for some famous rock concerts, including the major location for the Live 8 string of benefit concerts. Queen played here in one of their most popular shows, in 1976. It is estimated that between 150–200 thousand people turned up for the event. However, the record concert attendance is probably for the 1969 concert by the Rolling Stones. According to much of the press, the crowd then was estimated between 250,000 and 500,000.  Also Blur played here as part of their reunion. They released a live album recorded at the park called All the People: Blur Live at Hyde Park.

2012 Lineup:

Friday 6 July 2012

The Roots
Maverick Sabre
Knife Party
Feed Me
Childish Gambino
Jaguar Skills
Ms Dynamite
Zeds Dead

Saturday 7 July 2012

Nicki Minaj
Wiz Khalifa
Professor Green
Rita Ora
The Weeknd
Hilltop Hoods
Clement Marfo & The Frontline
Chiddy Bang
Dot Rotten
Lady Leshurr
Meek Mill
Koan Sound

Sunday 8 July 2012

Jessie J
Rizzle Kicks
Cher Lloyd
Calvin Harris
A$AP Rocky
Flux Pavilion
Far East Movement
Theophilus London
Doctor P
L Marshall
Steve Papa Edwards

Summerfest 2012 Live Stream, Henry Maier Festival Park Lineup, Online Webcast Feed

Summerfest 2012 Live Stream, Henry Maier Festival Park Lineup, Online Webcast Feed

Summerfest (also known as "The Big Gig") is a yearly music festival held at the 75-acre (300,000 m2) Henry Maier Festival Park along the lakefront in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The festival lasts for 11 days, is made up of 11 stages with performances from over 700 bands, and since the mid-1970s has run from late June through early July, usually including the 4th of July holiday. Summerfest attracts between 800,000 and 1,000,000 people each year, promoting itself as "The World's Largest Music Festival," a title certified by the Guinness World Records in 1999.

Line Up for Summerfest 2012 include:

Steve miller band
The avett brothers
Rascal flats
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Iron Maiden & Alice Cooper
Paul Oakenfold
Foo Fighters
Kelly Clarkson
Cheap trick
Lupe fiasco
Gary clark jr.
ZZ Top
Head and the heart
Eric benet
Phil vassar
Joss stone
David Gray
Brantley gilbert
Tito rojas
Kool and the Gang
Gavin degraw
Grace potter & the nocturnals
Fitz & the tantrums
The joy formidable
La india
Anthony Hamilton
All That Remains
Big time rush
Iron maiden
The beach boys
Zac brown band
Neil diamond
Lady antebellum
Joe walsh
Ziggy marley
Kellie pickler
The bodeans
Cowboy mouth
The walman
Jimmy cliff
Gov’t mule
Civil twilight
Mayer hawthorne
We came as romans
Motion city soundtrack
Art of dying
Hollywood undead
Trampled by turtles

Summerfest is run by the non-profit organization Milwaukee World Festival, and features both local and nationally known music talent from a variety of music genres. The event also provides the opportunity to sample a wide variety of food from many Milwaukee-area restaurants. Other Summerfest attractions include comedy acts, shopping vendors, fireworks (including "The Big Bang" on opening night), other special attractions, family activities and more. Live musical acts are offered on 11 stages throughout the grounds from noon to midnight, including the 23,000-capacity Marcus Amphitheater. All shows are free with an admission ticket, with the exception of headlining acts at the Marcus Amphitheater. Admission is between $8.00 and $15.00, depending on the time of day. There are numerous promotions for discounted or free tickets.

Summerfest has been most famous for its music, ever since the first festival in 1968, when acts such as Ronnie Dove, The New Colony Six, and Up With People performed. In 1969, Led Zeppelin performed (see Midwest Rock Festival). Since then, musical acts from Bob Dylan, Tina Turner, and James Taylor to Christina Aguilera, Mary J. Blige, and Nine Inch Nails have graced the Summerfest stages. Acts with Milwaukee and Wisconsin connections have had a prominent history at Summerfest, most notably the BoDeans, The Gufs and Violent Femmes.

The concerts have been mostly civil events, with two notable exceptions. In 1970, a performance by the late-arriving Sly & the Family Stone nearly resulted in a riot, and in 1973 a performance by Humble Pie & the Blackberries did result in a riot, along with a bonfire and about 300 arrests. As a result of the latter concert, organizers shied away from rock bands for several years, and established guidelines for "family-friendly" acts and a ban on alcohol brought in by patrons. Though Summerfest never became the ethnic festival Henry Maier envisioned, other ethnic festivals are held at the festival grounds throughout the summer and into autumn. Some of these events include Polish Fest, Festa Italiana, German Fest, African World Festival, Irish Fest, Mexican Fiesta, Indian Summer, Asian Moon Festival, Arab World Fest, PrideFest, and several run/walk charity events.

T in the Park 2012 Live Stream, Balado Music Festival Online Feed

T in the Park 2012 Live Stream, Balado Music Festival Online Feed

T in the Park 2012 is a music festival set to take place July 2012 in Balado, Scotland . It will be the nineteenth event to take place. The full line up was revealed in February 2011: Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay, Beyoncé and Foo Fighters will be the headliners. Blink-182 were confirmed but cancelled as they were unable to produce their new album in time for their European tour. Christmas 'early bird' tickets were released on 3 December 2010, selling out in under 24 hours. A previous 'early bird' batch was released on 15 July.

Similar to previous years, early-bird tickets were released within days of the conclusion of the 2010 event, on 15 July 2010. Tickets remained on sale until the following Sunday. A further Christmas sale took place from 3 December 2010, with tickets made available at 2010 festival ticket prices. It was confirmed on 3 December 2010 that early-bird tickets had sold out. The final batch of tickets went on sale on Friday 25 February 2011 and sold out in under an hour. The line-up is billed to include 180 artists across eleven stages.

Balado is a park and former airfield within the Perth and Kinross council area of Scotland. It is now the venue of the annual T in the Park music festival. Poultry sheds of Balado Poultry Farm now occupy the old concrete runways of the airfield. On the southern perimeter of the site is the Balado Bridge NATO Satellite Ground Station, which closed in 2006.

2012 Lineup:

Friday 6 July 2012

Snow Patrol
Florence and the Machine
Tinie Tempah
New Order
Professor Green
Kaiser Chiefs
Olly Murs
The Temper Trap
Sven Vath
Miike Snow
The Darkness
Cher Lloyd
Pulled Apart By Horses
The Jezabels

Saturday 7 July 2012

The Stone Roses
Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
David Guetta
Calvin Harris
Jessie J
The Vaccines
Emeli Sande
Two Door Cinema Club
Simple Minds
Ben Howard
Amy MacDonald
The Courteeners
The Maccabees
Enter Shikari
Rizzle Kicks
Sub Focus

Sunday 8 July 2012

Swedish House Mafia
Nicki Minaj
Chase and Status
Bombay Bicycle Club
Happy Mondays
James Morrison
The Wanted
Rita Ora
Christina Perri

Miami Beach 4th July Fireworks 2012 Live Streaming, Online Webcast Feed

Miami Beach 4th July Fireworks 2012 Live Streaming, Online Webcast Feed

Miami Beach proudly presents its annual Fourth of July patriotic celebration of music and fireworks. The event is free and open to the public. Everyone is encouraged to arrive early, bring beach chairs and towels. US Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworks and parades.

Miami Beach is a city in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States, incorporated on March 26, 1915. The municipality is located on a barrier island between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay, the latter which separates the Beach from Miami city proper. The neighborhood of South Beach, comprising of the southernmost 2.5 square miles (6.5 km2) of Miami Beach, along with Downtown Miami and the port collectively form the commercial center of South Florida. As of the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 87,779. Miami Beach has been one of America's pre-eminent beach resorts since the early 20th century.

South Beach (also known as SoBe, or simply The Beach, the area from 1st street to about 25th street) is one of the more popular areas of Miami Beach. Topless sunbathing is legal on certain designated areas of the beach. Before the TV show Miami Vice helped make the area popular, SoBe was under urban blight, with vacant buildings and a high crime rate. Today, it is considered one of the richest commercial areas on the beach, yet poverty and crime still remain in some places near the area. Public Transportation in Miami Beach is operated by Miami-Dade Transit (MDT). Along with neighborhoods such as Downtown and Brickell, public transit is heavily used in Miami Beach, and is a vital part of city life. Although Miami Beach has no direct Metrorail stations, numerous Metrobus lines, connect to Downtown Miami and Metrorail (i.e.: the 'S' bus line). The 'South Beach Local' or 'SBL' is one of the most heavily-used lines in Miami, and connects all major points of South Beach to other major bus lines in the city. Metrobus ridership in Miami Beach is high, with some of the routes, such as the L and S alone being the busiest Metrobus routes.

New Orleans 4th July Fireworks 2012 Live Stream, Mississippi River Webcast Feed

New Orleans 4th July Fireworks 2012 Live Stream, Mississippi River Webcast Feed
The The Big Easy sizzles in the summer, but the city really pops on the Fourth of July -- a New Orleans holiday that packs the French Quarter with even more food, music and fun. Grab a seat along the banks of the Mississippi River for ringside views of the "Dueling Barges," a fireworks bonanza launched from two riverboats as part of the Crescent City's Go 4th on the River celebration. The fireworks display starts around 9 p.m., and is choreographed with a simulcast tribute to patriotic classics. 

La Nouvelle-Orléans (New Orleans) was founded May 7, 1718, by the French Mississippi Company, under the direction of Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville, on land inhabited by the Chitimacha. It was named for Philippe d'Orléans, Duke of Orléans, who was Regent of France at the time. His title came from the French city of Orléans. The French colony was ceded to the Spanish Empire in the Treaty of Paris (1763). 

During the American Revolutionary War, New Orleans was an important port to smuggle aid to the rebels, transporting military equipment and supplies up the Mississippi River. Bernardo de Gálvez y Madrid, Count of Gálvez launched the southern campaign against the British from the city in 1779. New Orleans remained under Spanish control until 1801, when it reverted to French control. Nearly all of the surviving 18th century architecture of the Vieux Carré (French Quarter) dates from this Spanish period. (The most notable exception being the Old Ursuline Convent.) Napoleon sold the territory to the United States in the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Thereafter, the city grew rapidly with influxes of Americans, French, Creoles, Irish, Germans and Africans. Major commodity crops of sugar and cotton were cultivated with slave labor on large plantations outside the city.

New Orleans reached its most consequential position as an economic and population center in relation to other American cities in the decades prior to 1860; as late as that year it was the nation's fifth-largest city and by far the largest in the American South. Though New Orleans continued to grow in size, from the mid-19th century onwards, first the emerging industrial and railroad hubs of the Midwest overtook the city in population, then the rapidly growing metropolises of the Pacific Coast in the decades before and after the turn of the 20th century, then other Sun Belt cities in the South and West in the post–World War II period surpassed New Orleans in population.

Consequently, New Orleans has periodically mounted attempts to regain its economic vigor and pre-eminence over the past 150 years, with varying degrees of success.

Pensacola Beach 4th July Fireworks 2012 Live Stream, Independence Day Webcam

Pensacola Beach 4th July Fireworks 2012 Live Stream, Independence Day Webcam

Pensacola Beach throws one of the most spectacular 4th of July Celebrations in the country with fireworks exploding dramatically over the Gulf of Mexico. Pensacola Beach hurls thousands of awesome fireworks into the night sky, beginning right after dusk. The sight of the explosions reflected off the water is worth the trip alone. While generally cooler than most of peninsular Florida, Pensacola Beach maintains a more stable temperature year round than inland areas of Pensacola and Escambia County. As such, winter lows are several degrees warmer than Pensacola proper and summer highs are generally cooler as a result of the surrounding waters. As with many islands, Pensacola Beach enjoys sea breezes which begin around noon and end around sunset in the summer.

The Quieter Beach Boardwalk is on the Santa Rosa Sound side of the island, directly across from Casino Beach. Retail shops, restaurants, nightclubs, street musicians and sidewalk artists line it. The Boardwalk has a large sea shell stage where concerts are held several times a year. Most events are held here, including The Lobster Fest, DeLuna Fest, Bushwacker Fest, and the Independence Day fireworks. Behind the beach there is a boat dock where anyone can park their boats free of charge. Fort Pickens was completed in 1834 and used until WWII, when modern weapons made traditional coastal defense obsolete. Fort Pickens has changed over the years, so take the self-guided tour and peel back the layers of history. You'll see the plaster-lined rooms that were intended as officers' quarters, and later used to house Apache prisoners. The most famous resident, Geronimo, lived in identical rooms along the south wall, which have since collapsed. Fort Pickens now houses an auditorium, a museum, and a visitors center offering information about the area.

The Fort itself is only part of the National Seashore's attractions: the boundary stretches back seven miles (11 km). (Fodor's rates Ft. Pickens' beaches the best in Florida.) So whether you take the bike trail or the highway, you'll find campgrounds, nature trails, and miles and miles of protected beaches perfect for sand dollar and sea shell hunting, and for picking through flotsam washed ashore from the high seas and exotic foreign ports. The road out to the fort was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan, and was closed until it re-opened on 22 May 2009 . There is still much work to be accomplished within Fort Pickens Area and full visitor services will not be available. Initially, utilities (electric, water and dump stations) will not be available in the Fort Pickens Campground. This is scheduled to be repaired in the fall of 2009. Reservations will not start up until 2010.

San Diego 4th July Fireworks 2012 Live Stream, Big Bay Boom Online Webcam

San Diego 4th July Fireworks 2012 Live Stream, Big Bay Boom Online Webcam

The Annual Big Bay Boom July 4 2012 San Diego Fireworks Show in Downtown San Diego is the largest fireworks display in the San Diego area. The event starts at 9 p.m. on Saturday, July 4. Four barges, strategically placed around the north bay area of San Diego Bay, will discharge fireworks simultaneously. More than 750,000 people are expected to come to the waterfront to watch the show.

San Diego Bay is a natural harbor and deepwater port adjacent to San Diego, California. It is 12 mi/19 km long, 1 mi/1.6 km–3 mi/4.8 km wide. The bay is surrounded by the large San Diego urban area and is bordered by the cities of San Diego, National City, Chula Vista, Imperial Beach and Coronado. Considered to be one of the best natural harbors on the western coasts of the North American continent, San Diego Bay was among the earliest portions of those coasts to be settled by Europeans; it was colonized by Spain beginning in 1769. Later it served, and continues to serve to this day, as the home of the United States Navy's Pacific Fleet.

The western border of the bay is protected from the Pacific Ocean by a long, narrow strip of land called the Silver Strand. The northern end of the Silver Strand expands to become North Island, the location of Naval Air Station North Island (the home port of several aircraft carriers including the USS Ronald Reagan) and Coronado. Coronado is the site of the famous Hotel del Coronado. The U.S. Navy has three other facilities on the bay: Naval Station San Diego, Naval Base Point Loma at Ballast Point, which is a Nuclear Submarine base, and Naval Amphibious Base Coronado. The Coast Guard Air Station San Diego is across the bay from NAS North Island and the Federal Communications Commission maintains a monitoring station on the Silver Strand. Several other Navy facilities are located in the surrounding area, and even more existed previously but have since been closed. The U. S. Marine Corps also operates one of its two Recruit Depots near the shores of San Diego Bay.

The shallow southern end of the bay is used for evaporation ponds to extract salt from the sea water. The salt ponds, the Sweetwater Marsh, and other areas of the bay are included in the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge Complex. The area includes the largest contiguous mud-flat in Southern California It is an important stop on the Pacific Flyway for migrating birds, and it supports numerous endangered and threatened species of plants and animals. Public access to the bay and wetlands, with walking trails and educational exhibits about the area's ecological resources, is provided at the Chula Vista Nature Center operated by the city of Chula Vista.

LA 4th July Fireworks 2012 Live Stream, AmericaFest Los Angeles Online Feed

LA 4th July Fireworks 2012 Live Stream, AmericaFest Los Angeles Online Feed

Los Angeles is the scene of the famous LA July 4th AmericaFest celebration, one of the most elaborate and spectacular fireworks displays in the country. The Rose Bowl is an outdoor athletic stadium in Pasadena, California, U.S., in Los Angeles County. The stadium is the site of the annual college football bowl game, the Rose Bowl, held on New Year's Day. In 1982, it became the home field of the UCLA Bruins college football team of the Pac-10 Conference. It hosted events during the 1932 and 1984 Olympics and was the venue for the 1994 FIFA World Cup Final and the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup Final.

The natural grass playing field runs in a north–south configuration and sits at an elevation of 825 feet (251 m) above sea level. The stadium is a National Historic Landmark Its design was based upon the Yale Bowl in New Haven, Connecticut.  Pasadena is a city in Los Angeles County, California, United States. Although famous for hosting the annual Rose Bowl football game and Tournament of Roses Parade, Pasadena is the home to many scientific and cultural institutions, including the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena City College (PCC), Fuller Theological Seminary, Art Center College of Design, the Pasadena Playhouse, California School of Culinary Arts Pasadena, the Norton Simon Museum of Art and the Pacific Asia Museum. As of 2010 United States Census, the population of Pasadena was 147,112, making it the 180th-largest city in the United States, down from 168th place in 2009. Pasadena is the seventh-largest city in Los Angeles County, and on June 19, 1886, became the fourth to be incorporated in Los Angeles County, after Anaheim (March 18 1876) and Santa Ana (June 1 1886), which were part of Los Angeles County until Orange County was formed in 1889. It was largely as a ploy to get rid of its saloons. It is one of the primary cultural centers of the San Gabriel Valley.

Los Angeles County (incorporated as the County of Los Angeles)[3] is a county in the U.S. state of California. As of 2010 U.S. Census, the county had a population of 9,818,605, making it the most populous county in the United States. Los Angeles County alone is more populous than 42 individual U.S. states. The county seat is the city of Los Angeles, the largest city in California and the second-largest city in the United States (after New York City). The county is home to 88 incorporated cities and many unincorporated areas. At 4,083 square miles (10,570 km2), it is larger than the combined areas of the states of Rhode Island and Delaware.

Chicago 4th July Fireworks 2012 Live Stream, Navy Pier Online Webcast Feed

Chicago 4th July Fireworks 2012 Live Stream, Navy Pier Online Webcast Feed

4th July in Chicago this year will be marked by a series of fireworks displays across the city, the largest of which will take place at the Navy Pier. Independence Day is a national holiday marked by patriotic displays. Similar to other summer-themed events, Independence Day celebrations often take place outdoors. Independence Day is a federal holiday, so all non-essential federal institutions (like the postal service and federal courts) are closed on that day. Many politicians make it a point on this day to appear at a public event to praise the nation's heritage, laws, history, society, and people.

Navy Pier is a 3,300-foot long pier on the Chicago shoreline of Lake Michigan. It is located in the Streeterville neighborhood of the Near North Side community area. The pier was built in 1916 at a cost of $4.5 million, equivalent to $90.5 million today. It was a part of the Plan of Chicago developed by architect and city planner Daniel Burnham and his associates. As Municipal Pier #2 (Municipal Pier #1 was never built), Navy Pier was planned and built to serve as a mixed-purpose piece of public infrastructure. Its primary purpose was as a cargo facility for lake freighters, and warehouses were built up and down the pier. However, the pier was also designed to provide docking space for passenger excursion steamers, and in the pre-air conditioning era parts of the pier, especially its outermost tip, were designed to serve as cool places for public gathering and entertainment. The pier even had its own streetcar. Today, Navy Pier is Chicago's number one tourist attraction.

Construction began in 1914 under the leadership of Charles Sumner Frost and took two years, at a total cost of $4.5 million. When it opened to the public in 1916, it was the largest pier in the world. The Pier was built both to handle shipping and as an entertainment site. The original Burnham Plan proposed five piers, but only one was commissioned. In 1917-18, during World War I the pier housed many soldiers, the Red Cross, and Home Defense units. In years to follow the pier expanded to have its own streetcar line, a theater, and an emergency room. In 1927 the pier was officially named Navy Pier in honor of the Naval personnel that served there during the war.

Boston 4th July 2012 Fireworks Live Stream, Boston Pops, Harborfest Online Webcast Feed

Boston 4th July 2012 Fireworks Live Stream, Boston Pops, Harborfest Online Webcast Feed

Boston is the site of 500,000 visitors who come to watch their fireworks spectacular. For over 30 years, the event has been growing to become one of the nation's top Independence Day displays. Boston's July 4th combines the sounds of the famed Boston Pops with a historical atmosphere and several tons of explosives. The Boston Pops concert begins at 8:00 and fireworks commence at 10:30 p.m. All events are being held at the Esplanade, which is the area adjacent to the Charles River.

The Charles River is an 80 mile long river that flows in an overall northeasterly direction in eastern Massachusetts, USA. From its source in Hopkinton, the river travels through 22 cities and towns until reaching the Atlantic Ocean at Boston. It is also sometimes called the River Charles. Brandeis University, Harvard University, Boston University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are all located along the Charles River. Near its mouth, it forms the border between downtown Boston and Cambridge and Charlestown (a neighborhood of Boston).

Here, the river opens out into a broad basin and is lined by the parks of the Charles River Reservation. On the Charles River Esplanade stands the Hatch Shell, where concerts are given in summer evenings. The basin is especially known for its Independence Day celebration. The middle section of the river, between the Watertown Dam and Wellesley is partially protected by the properties of the Upper Charles River Reservation and other state parks, including the Hemlock Gorge Reservation, Cutler Park, and the Elm Bank Reservation.

Today's Charles River basin between Boston and Cambridge is almost entirely a work of human design. Owen A. Galvin was appointed head of the Charles River Improvement Commission by Governor William E. Russell in 1891. Their work led to the design initiatives of noted landscape architects Charles Eliot and Arthur Shurcliff, both of whom had apprenticed with Frederick Law Olmsted, and by the architect and landscape architect Guy Lowell. This designed landscape now includes over 20 parks and natural areas along 19 miles (31 km) of shoreline, from the New Dam at the Charlestown Bridge to the dam near Watertown Square.